Conference 'Environmental Technology for Impact 2020' will cover developments in resource recovery, micro-pollutants removal, fuel cells and other innovations in the treatment and valorisation of waste and wastewater - ETEI 2020 in Wageningen NL from 3 to 5 June 2020, save the date.

ETEI 2020

Environmental Technology for Impact 2020

The WUR Department of Environmental Technology (ETE) will host the ETEI 2020 Conference in Wageningen, at the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the department.

Keynote speakers at the Conference

  • Dr. Ghada Kassab - University of Jordan
  • Prof. Wang Kaijun - Tshinghua University
  • Prof. Francisco J. Cervantes - UNAM
  • Dr. Paula González - Managing Director of Paques Europe

Conference Themes

The Conference will cover the following themes:

  • Alternative fermentations for resource recovery
  • Biocrystallization
  • Bioelectrochemistry
  • Closing global nutrient and carbon cycles
  • Environmental solutions in emerging economies
  • Industrial water management
  • Removal of micropollutants and pathogens in soil and water
  • Physical-chemical technologies for water treatment
  • Urban infrastructure transition

Conference 'Environmental Technology for Impact 2020'
3-5 June 2020 | Wageningen NL | www.etei2020.org

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