Kosovo new network group of Young Water Professionals are eager to contact water professionals in other countries. We as Young Water Professionals (YWP) are a group of people from different backgrounds that will help each other to grow in the water sector.

YWP Kosovo

As a new group we have limited resources but we do raise awareness about the importance of saving the water quality and water utilisation in our community. We have been marking special days like International Water Day, organizing different workshops throughout the years and also we had visits and trips in Kosovo and other countries (Albania, Austria) where we got the chance to see how everything works starting from water treatment plants to network distribution.

Having the opportunity to participate in the Balkans Joint Conference these past four years helped us grow a lot as a group, since we got to meet new people, create new contacts and exchange ideas with each other.
A few of us have been attending a Waste Water Treatment course organized by University of Mitrovica in Kosovo in association with van Hall/Larenstein and Avans University of applied sciences and PUM Senior Experts from the Netherlands in October 2016. Aside the lectures we have also been doing our laboratory practice for every lesson that we have learned, which has been new experience and extremely helpful for us.
We hope that we can work together with you in the field of Waste Water Treatment and you can help us to improve abilities to deal with water pollution in our country . We are still a new country and building our future in a lot of ways including waste water plants and we as YWP are looking forward to do our part.
We want to raise consciousness for wastewater treatment and its importance on the side of the citizens as well as that of businesses, continue various activities, lectures, scientific information etc. We want to expand cooperation in water treatment sector with other countries and grow the number of young water professionals.
We strongly believe that networking, making connections and maintaining relationships is the key to having successful work relations. We hope that you share this view with us and we are looking forward to working together.

Young Water Professionals of Kosovo
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