Voor metropool Manilla en het omliggende stroomgebied wordt een groot 'Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan' (MBSDMP) opgesteld. Grote uitdaging in een dichtbevolkt gebied, dat bovendien regelmatig getroffen wordt door cyclonen, aardbevingen en overstromingen. Wat zijn de lessons learned? Terugblik KNW Seminar ism Deltares, vrijdag 1 november 2019.

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'The amazing challenge of Manila and the secrets of MBSDMP'

Lessons learned from the cooperation Philippines - The Netherlands

'With 25 million people Manila is one of the buzzing mega-cities of the world. Struggling with development ambitions and challenges towards 50 million people over the next decades. What is the plan for this hot-spot of earth quakes, vulcanic eruptions, cyclones and increasing floodings, major impacts of climate change?

Can improved water and waste management address these challenges in order to strengthen urban resilience, economic prosperity, ecological restoration and the livelihoods of the Philippino’s?

How are Dutch parties, Deltares, PUM, NGO’s involved in this amazing planning exercise, called Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan (MBSDMP)? 

What are the learning lessons of the experts, participating in this master piece of master planning? How are the local Philippino consultants appreciating their cooperation with Dutch counterparts? Is there a cultural divide, and how is this impacting on the progress and the quality of the program? Can these lessons be applied elsewhere?'

1911 manillaThese are just a few of the issues discussed at the KNW Seminar on 1 November 2019 at Deltares in Delft. See below for presentations and downloads.

KNW Seminar: MBSDMP - Water and Sanitation Master Plan for Manila

  • date: Friday 1st November 2019
  • time: 14:00 - 17:30 hours
  • venue: Deltares in Delft (Colloquium-zaal)

More information on the project
Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan

Seminar organisors
KNW Contactgroep Internationaal and Deltares

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Programme and download presentations

14:00    Doors open
14:30 Welcome by Tjitte Nauta on behalf of Deltares and KNW Contactgroep Internationaal
  • Cooperation The Philippines - The Netherlands
15:00 Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan (MBSDMP)
16:30 Round table with all participants, moderated by Eric Zandbergen (RHDHV and chairman KNW Contactgroep Internationaal)
17:00 Networking drinks



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